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Rhode Island and Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer Credit Counseling Law Attorney

If you are overwhelmed by debt, I want you to know about the debt relief law services I provide at the bankruptcy and debt relief law office of Robert B. Jacquard, Esq. Since 1999, I have helped many people escape the burden of excess debt and reclaim their lives. The people I help are much like you … honest and hardworking, current on their bills, responsible borrowers and users of credit cards, but drowning in interest payments.

In most cases, my clients have paid back every penny of what they borrowed and are now living from paycheck to paycheck paying back excessive interest. The giant credit industry has made it so that filing for bankruptcy is often the only means people have to get their lives back.

Contact me at my Rhode Island bankruptcy lawyer’s office. I’ll take your call today, tonight, or this weekend. I believe in helping people who need immediate debt relief with dignity and compassion. Leave a message explaining your debt worries and I’ll call you back as quickly as possible. I may be able to help you keep your home, your car, and your personal property.

I will tell you what you can expect in the bankruptcy process, help you through the process, and help you make decisions for yourself.

We can also assist with filing bankruptcy in Massachusetts. Call the Rhode Island and Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer’s office of Robert B. Jacquard, Esq., for a free consultation. I will be able to quickly assess whether or not it will be beneficial for you to file for bankruptcy.