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Many times individuals who come to me have been paying the same bill for years, even though they cut up the credit card years ago. Unfortunately, the giants of the consumer credit industry know that once they lend you money on revolving credit, you will probably never pay them back. Incredibly, these hard-hearted people are the same ones who twisted Congress’ arm to establish the new bankruptcy law change.

Do You Qualify for Filing Chapter 13 or 7 Bankruptcy? Ask Me, a Providence, Rhode Island, Attorney

Since 1999, as a Rhode Island personal bankruptcy attorney, I have helped many people rid themselves of excessive debt and make a fresh start. Yet in all that time, I have never once advised anybody to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I simply explain what will happen in their financial future if they don’t file, and what will happen if they do file. At my law office, I let the facts speak for themselves.

If you are tired of worrying about how to continue paying back debt you may have already paid back many times over in interest, contact the Rhode Island bankruptcy attorney’s office of Robert B. Jacquard, Esq. I’ll put an end to your worrying and let you get on with the business of enjoying your paycheck for a change.

The truth is, the vast majority of people who come to my office stay current on their bills – or at least do a great job of juggling one month to the next.

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When you call the Providence, Rhode Island, Chapter 13 and 7 bankruptcy attorney’s office of Bob Jacquard for a free consultation, I will be able to quickly assess whether or not you qualify and whether it will be beneficial for you to file for bankruptcy. I can also answer your questions about bankruptcy in Massachusetts.