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Despite what the giant consumer credit industry wants you to believe, most people still qualify for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy to eliminate their consumer debt. At the law office of Robert B. Jacquard, Esq., I will help you apply the new “means” test to your personal financial situation to determine whether you qualify. The giant credit industry didn’t completely get their way against working American citizens.

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Here are some basic truths about bankruptcy that may help you worry a little less tonight about your debts:

  •  Early on in American history our founding fathers recognized the importance of allowing the American worker and business owner to start over.
  •  Chapter 7  allows you to eliminate only your consumer debt, but allows you to keep your mortgage and care.
  • Chapter 13 debt relief allows you to consolidate ALL of your debt, including student loans and taxes into a structured debt repayment plan.
  • Approximately ninety-five percent of American workers still qualify for bankruptcy under the Chapter 7 laws.
  • Most people who file for bankruptcy are hardworking, honest people who have repaid their original amount borrowed, but can’t get ahead of the interest.
  •    Most credit card companies establish their headquarters in states like South Dakota, where interest rate regulations are relaxed.
  •   Most people who file have juggled monthly bills before finally realizing they are no longer working for their own family.
  •     After you file, many creditors consider you to be a better credit risk, and you can usually start rebuilding your credit history immediately.
  • After filing, you cannot file again for eight years.

When you call the Providence bankruptcy lawyer’s office of Robert B. Jacquard, Esq., for a free consultation, I will be able to quickly assess whether or not it will be beneficial for you to file for bankruptcy.