Life After Bankruptcy

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One of the biggest concerns people have when they come to see me about filing bankruptcy is what their life will be like and how to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. You don’t have to believe the bankruptcy myths about life after bankruptcy that the credit card industry wants you to believe. I can explain to you techniques for rebuilding your credit after a bankruptcy. In many cases, people like you have rebuilt their credit in a short time after their bankruptcy.

As a Rhode Island Attorney, I Will Help Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Filing taxes after bankruptcy is the same; paying car, home, or mortgage loans after bankruptcy will be the same. In most cases, the only thing that will be different about life after bankruptcy is that you will have your life back, and you will be working to support your own family, instead of a giant credit card industry executive’s family.

If you are worried about how to rebuild credit after personal bankruptcy, contact the personal bankruptcy attorney’s office of Robert B.¬†Jacquard, Esq.,. I’ll help you sleep better tonight knowing that you will wake up tomorrow on your way to a fresh start.

Ways to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

  • Don’t believe the bankruptcy myths the credit industry wants you to believe.
  • When you file, exempt your home and car so you have some debt to repay
  • Open a credit union account, take out a small loan after a year, repay on time
  • Open a secured credit card account, repay on time
  • Don’t apply for credit cards for which you’ll be denied. Denied credit goes onto your report.
  • Include a statement explaining your bankruptcy with credit applications.
  • Remember the lessons learned during the required credit counseling session.

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When you call the Rhode Island “rebuild credit after bankruptcy” lawyer’s office of Robert B. Jacquard, Esq., for a free consultation, we will start the process of getting you a new beginning.